six months sweet | myrtle beach sc | children's photography | bottle tree photography

October 20, 2016
This sweetie's six month session was done in home, and it couldn't have been more adorable. Pure, simple, and perfect in every way! We even got Mommy and big brother...
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sneak peek | myrtle beach children's photographer | bottle tree photography

May 13, 2016
Any time with a baby is a precious moment. They bring a fresh perspective and remind us of new beginnings. They spark an innocent love, and make us speak in unintelligi...
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photo recipe | {creating rich warmth with veils} | bottle tree photography | love that shot

February 23, 2016
Happy "I can almost feel spring coming"! I love photographing flowers during the cold months. They provide a sweet boost of color that can melt away the winter drab. T...
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bringing home Christmas | myrtle beach children's photographer | {bottle tree photography}

January 14, 2016
Getting the tree home is no problem, however, deciding which picture is the cutest... that's a hard one! "At home" sessions are a wonderful way to keep the little one's...
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miss busy | bottle tree photography | myrtle beach children's photographer

September 14, 2015
They call her "Miss Busy" - and with good reason. She is lightening fast, in love with every moment, and is a ready-made work-out! She is also super adorable. I love h...
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